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Florence Lebay armchair

Michel d'Ornano walk


"The sea: our origins, its biodiversity, its preservation, its fauna, its wealth of forms and colors, a fascinating world, inexhaustible source of inspiration. The octopus: mysterious animal, with surprising intelligence, attractive to some , repelling for others, present in all the seas of the globe, imposed itself on me to illustrate the theme of the sea. I wanted to make it attractive with its orange color and its big eyes, to the point of sitting in the hollow of its tentacles to invite you to contemplate the sea. "

Florence Lebey born in 1958 in Versailles, daughter of a printer who will make her aware of Art, she joined the Roederer workshop then the Camando school where she will follow studies of interior architecture. In the 1980s, she returned to her maternal origins in Tourgéville where she joined her husband, operator and producer of Calvados in the town. The artistic fiber did not leave it, however, in 2012 she created with five painters "La p'tite galerie" in Honfleur where she could give free rein to her creative spirit.

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