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In 2021, everywhere in Normandy and Deauville


At the initiative of local authorities and the University of Rouen, Normandy celebrates Flaubert throughout the year and shares the work of the writer through a cultural program made up of more than 200 events. . This event is included in the calendar of national commemorations and will be on the national education program at the start of the 2021 school year. Meetings and workshops for young audiences are planned in Deauville.

Several meetings in Deauville

His birth and his life in Normandy, his attachment to this region as a place of writing, his international notoriety and the translation of his works around the world make him an extraordinary artist in the history of Normandy. Part of his work is closely linked to the Normans and to the landscapes of the Alabaster Coast, and of the Cauchoise countryside in particular. Pont l'Evêque, Deauville and Trouville also played a decisive role in the personal construction of Gustave Flaubert and in the awakening of his literary sensibility.

La Ferme du Coteau in Deauville was acquired in 1837 by Achille Flaubert, his father, doctor and Director of the Rouen Hospital. Flaubert's childhood stays in Pont-l'Evêque, inspired A Simple Heart, while Trouville, where the teenager spent the summers from 1834 to 1844, was the setting for a lively passionate love affair for Elisa Schlésinger, lastingly marking her Sentimental Education. 
In 1843, Gustave Flaubert planned to build a chalet in Deauville. He inherited the family farm in 1872, before selling it in 1875 to help his niece Caroline financially. A necessary sale, which will arouse in Flaubert, a great melancholy. Beyond the notions of transmission, this transaction awakened certain economic realities that we find at the heart and especially in the outcome of Madame Bovary.