L'hippodrome aux 100000 fleurs© Sandrine Boyer-Engel
La salle des paris, ©Sandrine Boyer-Engel
Sandrine Boyer-Engel



If the Deauville-La Touques racecourse is the heaven of flat races, the Clairefontaine can claim to be the only official racecourse of the Norman coast hosting races of three different disciplines: trotting, jumping and steeple-chase, all exclusively on grass fields. Opened in 1928, this nice racecourse with traditional Norman buildings is considered one of the most lauded in France and is situated just two km away from Deauville.

This season, you can assist to 21 thrilling races at the racecourse from June 17 to October 25. 

Three key events during the season: the "Grand steeple-chase de la Ville de Deauville", the "Grande course de Haies-Guillaume d’Ornano" and the "Grand Prix de Clairefontaine", closing the season every year.

© Sandrine Boyer-Engel
Les tribunes, ©Sandine Boyer-Engel
Sandrine Boyer-Engel

In 2019, 21 horse races are scheduled at the Clairefontaine. Attend extraordinary races, have a great time and thrill in the stands when the horses gallop in front of you. Enjoy the 100,000 flowers decorating the area accessible to the public, and the tracks surrounded by a reclaimed marsh, extraordinary flora and fauna natural reserve. Overlook the tracks, discover and enjoy the nature around you and the unequalled charm of renovated Anglo-Norman buildings. Not only can you attend the races, but also participate to the multiple games organized at every race.

The key of its success: innovation and entertainment


Before the races
The guided visits proposed to the public before the races are both INSTRUCTIVE and FUN. The backstage of the racecourse is revealed by a passionate tour guide 3 hours before the beginning of the races*. Guided visits are followed by carriage initiation and end with a free Norman pre-meal cocktail.

After the races
Clairefontaine describes its race days as EXTRAORDINARY. The Clairefontaine racecourse not just welcomes every day wonderful horse races, but offers every time more to its public: throughout the day or the whole season, children and adults can enjoy several games and prize draws with various prizes at stake!

Discovery time
23 great THEME DAYS are organized. Every day is different from the others! Equestrian discovery, break time, tourism, gourmet, elegance, sport, children, leisure are the selected themes of the activities and services offered to children and adults throughout the day. ART LOVERS can stop at the shop to look at its souvenirs and discover the artists of the day: painters, sculptors, or even photographers. New artists are welcomed every day.

*Guided visits from 10 am, except for the evening race of July 6th (opening at 2 pm).

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