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September 25, 2020

Thanks to a "widget", inDeauville offers you the possibility of displaying directly on a page of your own website its calendar of events. Your customers will thus be able to instantly identify and select according to their dates of stay, without having to leave your website, the events of the inDeauville territory updated daily.


The operation is simple: it involves integrating a line of html code into the source code of any page of your website. This can be an existing page or a new dedicated page in your menu. Steps :

1 / Contact to get the html code of the widget.

2 / Copy / paste the html code transmitted in the source code of your internet page.

Depending on the browser (Chrome, Firefox ...) you are using, an error message or a blank page will appear.

NB: by default, the display format of the proposed widget is a standard format which adapts to any type of web page, readable on computer and on mobile. However, you can change it if necessary. All you have to do is change in the html code the number associated with the value "height =" 800px "which corresponds to the length in pixels of the widget. Be careful not to touch the" width = "100%" value which corresponds to the width adjusted responsively.

3 / Send the url address of this page to in order to validate its uploading and allow it to be displayed on your site. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon validation.

4 / Once your page is validated, the widget will be displayed automatically for an existing page already online. For a specially created page, add it wherever you want in your menu.

Your contact for any questions and assist you in putting the widget online on your website: Pierre Brangbour - 02 31 14 69 53 -
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