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Anchored in the territory of the city, the Franciscans wants to be attached to its cultural heritage. Quite naturally, five dominant themes were chosen to structure the visitor's journey in the galleries located above the cloister and the temporary exhibition courtyard. They are all linked to the cultural identity of the city. These themes unfold in “universes”. In these galleries with enveloping decorations, runs a long ribbon of knowledge, whose loops shelter spaces for reading, co-working, projection, listening, exchange. Each theme - five in total - has its own universe, signified in space by specific work on colors and scenographic characteristics. 

Galloping spirit





There is nothing more identity in Deauville than the culture of the horse. Rather than a postman, the horse is a real player in local life. We live with him, from him, for him, on him too. Much of the city's economy is devoted to it. With its two racetracks, its training center, its Yearling auction house and its complex dedicated to equestrian sports, the city remains structurally linked to the horse. The Franciscan gallery which is dedicated to him, hosts an exceptional collection, constantly enriched. Collectors regularly make donations to the City of Deauville. Thanks to their generosity and an acquisition policy, the “horse” fund presented to the Franciscans is already one of the reference funds in France, recognized by the BnF Books, films, magazines, etc.: all the possible resources are brought together in one gallery resembling a stud farm for adepts of the manes.

D'amour and Deauville

The galloping spirit A top resort, a legendary seaside resort, Deauville owes its world reputation to the beauty of its site, its beach, its villas, and to the rituals of its social and worldly life since the 19th century.
The Deauvillais heritage, embodied by its large hotels, its seaside villas, its surfboards, its swimming pool, its racetracks ..., is also linked to an intangible dimension. The cultural and worldly life that has taken place there since the beginning of the 19th century, the romantic imagination that the city has never ceased to deploy in the history of literature, cinema or song, constitute traces of a rich and mythical history, as evidenced by the collections collected.

On stage

If Deauville has been associated since its creation with races, polo or horse sales, it shines and also attracts from its creation, writers, painters, photographers ... They drew here an inspiration influenced by the sea, the light, and the atmosphere of the city. Many stories have played out on Les Planches, at the casino, at the races and on the Place de la Potinière, a gathering place of the Roaring Twenties. Paintings, caricatures, writings, photographs remain and tell the story of this “marvelous fouilli-fouilla”. This creative spirit today inspires a very proactive cultural policy in Deauville, punctuated by major festivals. The famous American Film Festival, but also the photographic creation festival “Planche (s) Contact”, the only festival in France to rely on public commissions and therefore an artistic production specific to Deauville, or the literary festival “Books & musiques ”, which each year in the spring honors writers inspired by music, the music festivals“ August musical ”and the“ Easter Festival ”are the milestones of a cultural dynamism which is now available for twelve months. twelve.

Art of living

The reputation of the city of Deauville comes a lot from the idea that everyone has of his sweet life. Its exceptional site, its sports facilities, its welcoming climate, explain its fatal power of attraction. Each one finds the possibility there of an island of pleasures: stroll on the boards, horse races, polo matches, golf and tennis tournaments, regattas, seafood restaurants ... In Deauville, each one can compose the menu of his stay. Well-being and relaxation are also part of a cultural heritage. The City of Deauville likes to cultivate it; that is its reason for being.

Little Franciscans

The City of Deauville measures the weight of youth and the urgency to meet their expectations, their customs and their renewed cultural practices.
The attention paid to young people is embodied, for example, in the very strong engagement program carried out with young readers during the “Books and Music” festival, through a literary prize bringing together nearly 3000 middle and high school students, during school days. , dedicated activities, a check-read…
A gallery within the Franciscans proves the attachment to this horizon of youth. The young public will be able to discover resources adjusted to their desires. The media library will also be an essential tool participating in its emancipation. The collection of 70 documents (including 000 cataloged works / books, 40 CDs, 000 DVDs, a game library - currently available online) - will allow young audiences to feel at home among Franciscans, or even better than at home. .
In addition, the most “geek” of young people will have access to a Fab Lab, a digital creation space, notably equipped with a 3D printer, a laser cutting machine, a robotic space, etc. A way to also welcome the culture of "makers", which continues to develop in France and Deauville, especially among young people.