The hidden species of the sandy foreshore

The beaches seem lifeless, yet many shells, many lives colonize the sand. The depth of burial for each species varies from one to thirty centimeters, with each its area, its floor. These species cannot be caught so easily, the eye must be exerted finely over time in order to detect the signs of presence characteristic of each digger. For example, you will be able to see the jet of water that can be caused by tapping on the sand or the “two holes” of variable size which correspond to the siphons of the knives. An informed fisherman is worth two and helps maintain a sustainable fishery by not unnecessarily stirring the sand (deterioration of the environment) and keeping only specimens of reasonable size and number.

Two distinct fishing zones coexist on our territory: Villerville then from Deauville to Villers-sur-Mer, each zone holds its species. Shellfish fishing is prohibited all year round in Villerville, you can still fish for the famous shrimps.


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Nice initiative!


Le Pole Nautique Villers-Blonville makes children aware of the environment during a shore fishing trip. Accompanied by an instructor, the little sailors are introduced to good gestures, discover specific fauna and flora and go in search of gray shrimps and other hidden species. At the end of the day, what a pleasure to savor delicious shellfish and grilled fish harvested the same day.

Before you get started!

Check the water quality of the fishing place, the regulations relating to the practice of shore fishing (minimum size, quantity, periods, authorized tools and permanent or temporary bans):  Calvados shore fishing. The dangers of the fishing spot: with local fishermen, our tourist information offices, associations. Tide times and tide coefficients. Weather forecasts because it is best not to fish in stormy or foggy weather. It is necessary to bring a compass and/or your mobile phone (protected!). Get a measuring tool to check the size of your peach. Take only the quantities necessary for your consumption.


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