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Larry Fink

Liberty and Hoofbeats - IN 2019

© Larry Fink for Planche (s) Contact 2019
© Larry Fink for Planche (s) Contact 2019
© Larry Fink for Planche (s) Contact 2019

Contact photographer 2019

Larry Fink is one of the major figures in American photography, whose prices, exhibitions and publications are countless. Since the sixties, his attentive gaze has been posed on different aspects of American society - from the world of entertainment to the rural world - with a personal language which has quickly and strongly established itself.
In addition to working as a professional photographer for over fifty-five years, Larry Fink has presented solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Whitney Museum of Modern Art among others. He received the “Best of Show” for an exhibition organized by Christian Caujolle at the Arles Photography Festival in France. Most recently, Larry Fink received the Infinity Prize from the International Center for Photography (ICP) in 2015. He also received two John Simon Guggenheim Fellowships and two individual photography grants from the National Arts Fund. He has been teaching for over fifty-two years in the United States.
Larry Fink's first monograph, the founders of Social Graces (Aperture, 1984), has left a lasting mark on the photographic community. Two of his most recently published books appeared on several "Best Of" lists of the year: The Beats published by Artiere / powerhouse, and Larry Fink, Composition and Improvisation published by Aperture. As an editorial photographer, The New Yorker and Vanity Fair are among a long list of magazines for which he has worked.
Early 2017 is published Fink On Warhol: New York, Photographs from the 1960s, featuring rare photographs of Andy Warhol and his friends at the Factory, interspersed with street scenes and the political atmosphere of the 1960s in New York. Also in 2017 he published The Polarities, published by L'Artiere.
In Deauville, Larry Fink focused his gaze on the equestrian world the people who make it live.

Exhibition location: Le Point de vue, Boulevard de la Mer.
Open daily from October 19 to November 03, and from December 21 to January 5. Open Saturdays and Sundays from October 28 to December 20. 10:30 am> 13 pm - 14:30 pm> 18:30 pm.