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A single point of contact: the communication department of the City of Deauville

Shots and films in public places (inside road signs indicating the name of the city) are subject to authorization and depend on the authority of the Mayor.
For each request for filming or shooting, a file must be sent to the town hall of Deauville, for the attention of the communications department, which:
- study your project.
- Forward your requests to the various departments or city departments concerned.
- Each service / department studies the feasibility and establishes if necessary a technical opinion and if necessary an estimate of execution of the services requested.
- Quotes and invoices are sent to you directly by the City of Deauville's communications department.

The time required to obtain authorizations and technical interventions varies according to the importance of the shooting, from 5 to 15 working days, from the filing of your request.
For feature films, fictions, we recommend that you contact us for a preparatory meeting, in order to study your production plan and shooting plan.

The processing and the issue of an authorization are free of charge.
Driving on the public highway is free.
The costs to be expected and to be paid before the start of shooting or shooting are:
- parking taxes,
- road rights charges,
- technical intervention costs depending on the case and requests.

Authorization for daytime filming: € 250 per half-day
Night film shooting: € 600 per night
Daytime photographic authorization (light equipment): € 100 per day
Night photographic authorization (light equipment): 200 € night
Parking on the public domain / Partial obstruction of the public thoroughfare: 40 € per half-day
Parking in the public domain / Total obstruction of the public thoroughfare: € 100 per half-day

No image rights are required for public heritage falling within the competence of the City of Deauville (Squares, bridges, monuments, etc.)
Buildings, architectural works or contemporary works of art exhibited in public places, the author of which has been living or deceased for less than 70 years, are protected by copyright and subject to the authorization of the author or his assigns.
For private property, rights must be managed with the owners concerned.
Restriction: vehicles are strictly prohibited on the Deauville boards.