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From Sunday June 27 to Saturday July 3 | DEAUVILLE
Deauville Yacht Club

Sailing: Mini Calvados Cup

The Calvados Cup is dedicated to mini 6,50, boats small in size (6,5 meters) but real bombs intended for pure performance, designed to face the most difficult conditions in complete safety.

For the 2nd edition of this competition, innovation is required with a new formula. This event will now consist of two stages and will do 500 miles instead of 300.
- Stage 1: Departure on June 27 from Douarnenez to reach Deauville via the Ouessant raz, the Channel Islands, the Blanchard raz. A difficult course made of currents, narrow passages. Watch out for the pebble! Arrival in Deauville on June 29.
- Step 2: After 48 hours of recovery, the Mini will set off again to cross the Channel, flirt with the English coast before returning to the town of the Duke of Morny. Be careful with the passage of the rails separating maritime traffic, especially during the second night when fatigue will be felt.

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