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From Friday June 3 to Saturday June 4 | DEAUVILLE
Deauville Yacht Club

Sailing: Cowes-Deauville

Traditionally this cross-Channel, which has existed for more than 55 years, takes place the days before the last Monday in May, because it is Bank Holiday in Great Britain.
Exceptionally in 2022, Bank Holiday has been postponed by one week and it will be June 3: Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Elisabeth II celebrating her 70 years of reign.
Created in 1964, and at the origin of the twinning of Deauville with Cowes, it is always a great moment of sharing with British sailors, this will be all the more true in 2022 as the 2021 edition had to be canceled for cause of Covid 19.
On the skippers' program: 100 miles to cover at night among tankers, ferries, fishermen and container carriers (20% of global maritime traffic), often in fog, and to outsmart the currents, make it a technical and difficult test.

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