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Wednesday August 5 | DEAUVILLE
Villa Strassburger

Guided tour of Villa Strassburger


Base rate: € 4,50

Reduced price: 2,50 € Children from 13 to 18 years old, students, job seekers, group from 15 pers. On presentation of valid proof

e-Ticket For children under 12



+02 31 14 40 00 XNUMX
Online here

Tickets on sale at all information offices in the Deauville Territory

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Protected as Historic Monuments since 1975, this imposing Norman regionalist style house responds to an order from Baron Henri de Rothschild. A great racing fan, the latter chose to locate near the racetrack. The villa was erected in 1907 on the site of the Ferme du Coteau, property of the family of the novelist Gustave Flaubert since 1837. Owned by the American press publisher Ralph Beaver Strassburger from 1924, the villa was bequeathed by its heirs to the City of Deauville in 1980. Rarely, the latter has kept its period furniture, its decoration, its knick-knacks, numerous paintings of horses and caricatures which bear witness to the festivals of the time.
Inside, you can also admire the artist's paintings and sculptures Enrico Campagnola.

Wearing a mask is compulsory for children over 11 years old.

Villa Strassburger Avenue Strassburger

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