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Thursday August 26 | VILLERVILLE
A Festival in Villerville

A Festival in Villerville - Theater: AS YOU LIKE IT



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Reservation by e-mail, by phone at 06 71 62 21 57, or on site at the Garage from August 24 to 30

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There are certain pieces that let us know the unknown, which suddenly make us aware of something hitherto buried, which causes us new sensations and feelings. This is what is happening with As You Like It. In this work, we find all the genius of William Shakespeare, oscillating between the trivial and the sublime.
Rosalind, the daughter of the Senior Duke banished by her brother, the Duke Frederik, was allowed to stay at court to keep company with her cousin Celia, daughter of the Duke Frederik.

Orlando, persecuted by his brother Oliver since his childhood, decides that his situation is no longer possible; he will face the wrestler of the Duke.
It is on this occasion that Orlando and Rosalind meet and fall in love.

But Rosalind is banished by her uncle soon after, and Celia and she flee to the forest of the Ardennes, with the mad Touchstone they embarked, to find Rosalind's father, the Senior Duke. To go incognito, Celia disguises herself as a shepherdess, and renames herself Aliena, and Rosalind disguises herself as a man, under the name of Ganymede.

Orlando, him, is forced to leave home, because this time, his brother wants to assassinate him.

All this small world is found in the forest of the Ardennes, where the courtiers meet the peasants and everyone will play the game of love to go until marriage, where the ultimate denouement of the united stories will take place.

A Festival in Villerville At the Château - Chemin du Château