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Saturday December 12 | DEAUVILLE
Casino Barrière Deauville

Theater: "Panic in the ministry"


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Gabrielle Bellecour, chief of staff to Minister of National Education Louis Tesson, is at a crossroads in her life. Professionally, the recent appointment of Louis, which she has accompanied in political life for fifteen years, is a consecration. But she is starting to get tired of the exhausting rhythm imposed by her function ...
Family, she has always been separated from the father of her daughter Sara, whom she raised alone. But Sara is at the age where you become independent ...
Sentimentally, it's a disaster: startled by painful stories, she hasn't had an adventure for years, much to the chagrin of her mother, the energetic (and man-eating) Cécile. Gabrielle suffocates ...
The appearance in his life of Eric, a young man from the ministry, barely 25 years old, will shatter his little world.

Director: Guillaume Mélanie.
With Philippe Chevalier - Rebecca Hampton - Julie Arnold

Casino Barrière Deauville 2 rue Edmond Blanc

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