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Saturday May 7 | DEAUVILLE
Casino Barrière Deauville

Theater: "Tears of crocodiles"




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A comedy by Claude COHEN and Thierry CROUZET
Directed by Olivier LEJEUNE
with POPECK, Jeane MANSON, Benoit DE GAULEJAC, Christophe ABRIAL, Geraldine SZAJMAN and Martial COURCIER

Sarah reunites her family in a Swiss clinic, to make a very special announcement. His brother Salomon and his ex-wife, a famous lyric singer, are at the rendezvous. They hate each other ... Nothing goes as planned and anything goes!
We are always betrayed by our own people, the saying goes. Hand-sewn for Popeck and Jeane Manson who have a blast in this modern and hilarious comedy.
Morality ? What Morality?
Crocodile tears are raining down and we laugh a lot!

Casino Barrière Deauville 2 rue Edmond Blanc