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From Thursday July 1 to Sunday July 4 | VILLERVILLE

Theater: "Agamemnon"




Base rate: € 5,00

Mandatory for individual

King Agamemnon returns from the Trojan War. Having left for 10 years, he thinks he will be greeted by his wife in triumph, but unfortunately it will be quite different ...

"Agamemnon" is a tragedy by Aeschylus written and performed in 458 BC. It is the first piece of a trilogy called L'Orestie and composed of "Agamemnon", "The Choéphores", and "Les Eumenides", then finally "Protée", a satirical drama. The Oresty is the only Aeschylus trilogy that has survived intact. "Agamemnon" tells of the return of the Greek hero and his murder by his wife Clytemnestra.

Directed by Catherine de la Porte des Vaux.
Annual performances of the Villerville theater course, in the unusual setting of the castle.
Reservation recommended, number of places limited.

Castle General Leclerc Street