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Saturday November 28 | VILLERS-SUR-MER
Marshes of Villers-sur-Mer

Telethon: MTB race


Base rate: € 5,00 Category chicks to cadets licensed UFOLEP

Base rate: € 6,00 Category chicks to cadets not licensed

Base rate: € 8,00 Junior UFOLEP licensees

Base rate: € 9,50 Junior not licensed

Base rate: € 12,00 UFOLEP licensed tandems

Base rate: € 14,00 Unlicensed tandems




Course autour du plan d'eau de Villers-sur-Mer.
Departure and arrival at the Paléospace museum.
Route of 4 meters for a positive elevation of 730 meters.
Race open to licensees and non-licensees.
Departure at 14 p.m. for all categories.
Urn available for donations.

Marshes of Villers-sur-Mer Avenue Jean Moulin

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