Thu 21 February - 15:00

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Casino Barrière Deauville - DEAUVILLE

Music show: "Sang Viennois" - Operetta by Johann Strauss

In Vienna, the European representatives meet to discuss about the interests of their countries, but also to have fun before or after the congress meetings. One of them is the young Baudoin Count, Ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Upper Saxony. Married to a young aristocrat, Viennese from head to toes and attached to the family castle, he decides to welcome his lover to his summer villa: the famous dancer Francesca Caliari, called "Franzi". Of course, everything gets out of control…

Romantic intrigues, lies, betrayals, turnarounds and amazing misunderstandings spice up this operetta in three acts. It was created in Vienna in 1899 (four months after the death of Yohann Strauss junior) and is a potpourri of famous waltzes. The dynamic adaptation made by Renouveau Lyrique is a great opportunity to rediscover a joyful vaudeville through very lively tunes.

Staging: Emmanuel Marfoglia