Sun 3 March - 15:00 - Casino Barrière Deauville - DEAUVILLE

Music show: "Paris, le spectacle"

This is Paris! A young female artist leaves his home, discovers Montmartre and dreams out loud about being famous. He meets Edith Piaf, who will become his friend and confidant, and falls in love with Charles Aznavour, a young bohemian artist of Pigalle…

After the success of "Piaf! Le spectacle" – more than 300 sold-out concerts all over the world – Gil Marsalla, producer and director, presents another exciting show. "Paris!" pays tribute to the greatest French songs of the post-war period, contributing to the reputation of the Villa Lumière. The melodies of Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, but also Maurice Chevalier, Lucienne Boyer, Charles Trenet, Joséphine Baker, Yves Montand or Jacques Brel cheer up this joyful music comedy interpreted by young talents, including the extraordinary Anne Carrere, greatly performing the role of Edith Piaf.