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Friday February 11 | DEAUVILLE
The Franciscans - Deauville

Show: Deauville reunites with Gustave Flaubert - "A Simple Heart"




Base rate: € 26,00

Reduced price: From € 6,00 - to € 19,00

Child rate: € 6,00


Reservation only online or on site, at the Franciscan reception.

The life, the simple pleasures, the failures of a country girl, model servant, devout and devoted. Twenty years after "Madame Bovary", Flaubert paints a portrait of a servant. The Félicité of "A Simple Heart" echoing Madame Bovary's servant who was also called: Félicité, "an exemplary woman of dress and dignity".

A fluid and carnal staging by Xavier Lemaire in which Isabelle Andréani gives more than an interpretation, offering a masterful incarnation. That of "a servant who strongly loves those who love her, without expecting more than the little that is given to her".
This show proposed by Les Franciscaines Deauville is part of a series of five events marking the year 2021, in tribute to the bicentenary of the birth of Gustave Flaubert, of which the Pays d'Auge was the other Norman territory, a space lived and inspiring.

The Franciscans - Deauville 145b avenue de la République