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Saturday November 20 | VILLERVILLE
Parc des Graves car park

Nature outing: When the Black Rocks are told


14:00 - 16:30


Base rate: € 5,00

Child rate: € 3,00

+02 35 24 80 01 XNUMX
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Mandatory reservation

The Cliffs of Roches Noires tell the story of Normandy over several million years. On this foreshore, ancient fossils and current species come together and allow us to compare the biodiversity of yesterday and today. Fossil corals allow time travel and address the fact that climate change has been around forever. However, the speed of the change underway is a reminder of the impact of human activities. The migratory and sedentary birds that like to feed here also testify to the high biological productivity of the estuary.

From the age of 7

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