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Sunday August 1 | DEAUVILLE
Municipal port

Sea trip aboard an old rig



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All passengers must be up to date with membership of the Petit Foc association (30 €) - Limited to 8 people on board

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Come discover the coasts of Calvados and the Seine Bay aboard the François Monique, a shellfish sloop from 1935, moored in the port of Deauville. You can even participate in the maneuvers if the heart tells you!

The François Monique is a shell sloop from the harbor of Brest, built at the Chantier du Fret by Auguste Tertu. It was launched on September 16, 1935. It was made on behalf of Hervé Salaün, fisherman at Logona Daoulas, to fish for scallops, to harvest maërl (limestone sand for land improvement) and the red seaweed to fertilize the fields.

The origin of the baptism name of the boat is:
1. François, name of the godfather of the boat, François Kermarrec, first sailor on board
2. Monique, niece of Hervé Salaün

In 2008, the old rig was bought by Franck Brize and repatriated to Trouville-Deauville. The same year, the Petit Foc association was created and began the restoration of the boat, giving it back its shellfish character in the harbor of Brest, with its colors, its rigging of yesteryear and traces its history. The association aims to rescue the Norman maritime heritage and discover traditional sailing on the "François Monique". The boat takes part in numerous events at sea and in the ports of Calvados, or even further. Sea trips are also organized for all audiences and workshops in partnership with local clubs.

Municipal port near the pool gate