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Sunday June 13 | VILLERS-SUR-MER
The Paléospace - Musée de France

Photo safari in rosalie in the marsh


14:30 - 16:30


Base rate: € 12,00 Rosalie 1 place

Base rate: € 18,00 Rosalie 2 places

Base rate: € 28,00 Rosalie 4 places

Base rate: € 34,00 Rosalie 6 places

Mandatory for individual
02 31 81 77 60

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Specially designed for the family, this rosalie walk in the Blonville / Villers marshes unfolds like a rally.

Each team will have to discover places of the marsh remarkable for their fauna, their flora or their history and will validate their passage by a photo. Participants will be guided by maps and clues.

The excursion continues with a pedestrian route to answer the questions on the notebook.

Duration: 2h (including 1h from Rosalie)

The Paléospace - Musée de France Avenue Jean Moulin