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Saturday December 4 | VILLERVILLE

Meeting with François Reynaert for his book "Roger, hero, traitor and sodomite"





Mandatory for individual
+06 81 27 68 90

Limited seats

The Strudle For Life, Villerville et Compagnies associations and the Villerville library are offering a meeting with journalist and author François Reynaert to present and discuss his book Roger, hero, traitor and sodomite.
The discussions will be followed by a friendly drink.
Access on presentation of the health pass.

Roger, hero, traitor and sodomite
In 1903, then British consul, Roger Casement investigated the atrocities committed in the Congo by King Leopold of Belgium. The report he draws from it makes him famous. In 1910, he landed in the Amazon to denounce the abuses against the Indians. Known by the king, he is considered one of the greatest heroes of the United Kingdom.
Thunderclap in 1914. He is in Berlin. Having become an activist for the Irish cause, he negotiated there German military support for the independence of his native island. In the eyes of the English, the hero is now a traitor. When she succeeded in capturing him, in 1916, the British police were ready to do anything to smear him, including using mysterious documents against him: five diaries in which he wrote down in great detail his hundreds of encounters with young men ...
Adored in Ireland, long hated in the United Kingdom, Roger Casement is almost unknown in France. What a mistake !
There is no destiny more in touch with the concerns of our twenty-first century, haunted by the toll of colonization, the question of national identity or that of sexual orientation. With Roger, hero, traitor and sodomite, a breathtaking historical tale where everything is true, François Reynaert signs a formidable book on the meaning of commitment.

François Reynaert is a journalist at the Obs and a writer. He is also passionate about history. Since its publication in 2010, Our ancestors the Gauls and other nonsense, a history of open and anti-nationalist France, has been a very big bookstore success. Subsequently, the author continued in this direction and published other extensive historical summaries, including The Great History of the World or The Great History of the Arab World, from Alexander the Great to Radical Islamism. Voyage en Europe from Charlemagne to the present day was released in spring 2019. With Roger, traitor and sodomite hero, he inaugurates another path: exploring a destiny to tell great moments of history.

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