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Tuesday August 3 | DEAUVILLE

Collective collections on the beach





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Every day, from 4 am, Deauville beach is thoroughly cleaned by 5 Deauville road service agents equipped with motorized vehicles. In season, there are four waterfront agents who are mobilized from 12 p.m. to 21:30 p.m. to take care of cleaning the boards and empty the 56 bins made available to the public. Each parasolier is also responsible for keeping his “working area” clean.
The 55 seasonal workers at work on the seafront to welcome vacationers have been made aware of the importance of preserving the beach and its cleanliness.

This year, collective pickups will be organized every Tuesday and Thursday at 17 p.m. Yellow and black bags will be given to the volunteers who often come forward in large numbers for these citizen operations.
The start will be from the Deauville kiosk set up on the Place des Six Fusillée. It will open its doors from 16 p.m. The seafront agents will welcome holidaymakers and provide information on the sustainable actions carried out in Deauville.
The waterfront team will benefit from the reinforcement of the Community of Communes Cœur Côte Fleurie team on July 27, August 17 and 21 to raise awareness on the degradation of waste in the natural environment, sorting and waste management. . On August 3, they will be doing an animation with the Zero waste bikesmoothies.

This event is an eco-responsible event par excellence. Its operation is within the reach of each of us and allows us to "rationalize" our energy consumption and our impact on the environment. While pedaling, we operate a blender filled with damaged fruit. The result, if you pedal well, is a good fruit juice!

There is no shortage of messages on the Deauville seafront to call for respect for the environment. Beach charter, phrases on the ground, radio messages add to the dialogue established with beach users.

This year, the City will also continue the “Fill the bottle” operation that it carried out in 2019. On the initiative of teenagers, the “Fillthebottle” movement aims to encourage people to pick up the cigarette ends that invade public places. . The principle: fill a bottle with cigarette ends and post the photo of its filled bottle on your social network.
The City of Deauville has decided to get involved in the movement by thanking all those who participate. Each filled bottle will also be worth a free entry to enjoy the sea water of the Olympic swimming pool or a moment at the Happy Deauville Club. The operation lasts all summer: meet on August 31 for the winners.
PRACTICAL: bring your bottles to the waterfront office - Place Claude Lelouch.

Actions are also implemented upstream of the season towards groups of visitors. Coach operators now receive the citizenship charter and must notify them of their arrival.

Finally, on Deauville's social networks, visuals to raise awareness of cleanliness are regularly posted, in particular photos of all those who have taken action to preserve the beach.