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From Friday October 22 to Tuesday October 26 | DEAUVILLE
The point of view

Planches Contact #12 - Reflexions Masterclass 2.0 / COMPLET

Planches Contact invites Reflexions 2.0 to Deauville: the works produced during this masterclass will be presented in 2022 as part of the thirteenth edition of the festival.

Inspired by Giorgia Fiorio's Reflections Masterclass, held between 2002 and 2012, Réflexions 2.0 is a laboratory for creation and reflection from the world of photography and the visual arts. Established by former participants and Alumni, Reflection 2.0 supports photographers through an advisory and mentoring role through a panel of meetings.

The R 2.0 Masterclass takes place over two years, through four meetings in different countries. Each meeting takes place over five days through seminars, portfolio readings and shots. The first meeting of the 2021/2022 masterclass will take place in Deauville within the framework of Planches Contact with the intervention of Teun Van Der Heijden, graphic designer, co-owner of Heijdens Karwei, graphic design agency based in Amsterdam, recognized for the design of important books on photography, several times awarded.

The point of view 7 Bd de la Mer