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Friday July 16 | DEAUVILLE
Casino Barrière Deauville

Opening of the Rire festival in Deauville - Zize et Bernard Mabille




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When this Marseillais - or rather this Marseillaise - arrives on stage, it deposits! Zize (aka Thierry Wilson) is a warm-blooded southerner with a singing accent and a strong character. Laughter, derision, imbroglios and misunderstandings mean that this saucy and colorful character entered the very closed club of the "50 favorite comedians of the French".

Bernard Mabille
Since his tandem with Thierry Le Luron, we no longer present Bernard Mabille. Halfway between the One-Man Show and the stand-up, he cuts suits for all politicians, on the right and on the left, with a cut all his own: a discreet audacity and a ferocity that is ultimately quite benevolent. He wins hands down the battle with the news thanks to an astonishing cynicism, a false restraint and this jubilant skill to juggle with the words.

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