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Friday December 10 | DEAUVILLE
The Franciscans - Deauville

The Franciscans on stage: Jean-François Zygel - "Musical paintings of Deauville"




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"I will draw my inspiration from the elegant asymmetry of the villas on the seafront, from the drops of color from the parasols with the scarves tied around the neck, from the play of light between sky and sea, the seagulls frolicking in the clash of waves ... "Jean-François Zygel

Between virtuosity and fantasy, Jean-François Zygel, pianist, composer and improviser, shares an unusual and festive sensory experience: a poetic recital carried and conceived of his own emotions, in order to give life to “musical tableaux” of Deauville.

"… No sooner have we pronounced this magical name," Deauville ", than a host of sensations are remembered: multiple images, lingering scents, contrasting lights, a whole carousel of childhood sounds and colors , dream and freedom. (…), this is immediately reflected in my head by a musical flow flowing in me almost independently of my will ... It is this intimate experience that I would like to share with you: you to offer my music, my music from Deauville. " Jean-Francois Zygel

Composition and piano: Jean-François Zygel

The Franciscans - Deauville 145B avenue de la République