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From Saturday August 1 to Sunday November 15 | HONFLEUR
Saint Léonard district

The Focales du Pays d'Auge



Photographic festival in the city

The photographic festival created by the association Les focales du pays d'Auge will take place this year in the city of Honfleur with an extension of the route in the municipalities of Beuzeville and Equemauville.

Created in 2018, this festival offers more than 1000 annual visitors an immersive and ambulatory experience at the heart of an open-air, large-format tour, presenting a selection of many renowned and high-quality artistic photographers. exposed photos thus dress the streets and gardens of cities, enlivening the magnificent built heritage offered by these cities.
The public space becomes a scenic space, shared and accessible to all, free and freely. The festival can thus claim to be attended by an audience of loyal connoisseurs as much as by an audience of walkers. It benefits from these varied audiences with a strong and constant sympathy capital.

A team of dynamic and passionate volunteers gathered around Christian-Jacques Bourgeon, president and curator, and Caroline Fisse, vice president, to conceive and give life to this third edition whose theme is this year ON THE ROAD SOME WATER.

Around this theme, the Focales team has set itself two objectives:
allow visitors to discover the world of the sea and men, and in a second part to address the major current environmental themes
This year the ANGKOR Photographic Festival is a partner of the Les Focales du Pays d'Auge festival. Visitors and walkers can thus discover the photographic gaze of 13 Asian photographers. Strong images, a very contemporary approach, remarkable qualitative work.

With the support of Michel Lamarre, Mayor of Honfleur, president of the community of
communes of Beuzeville Honfleur, Vice president of the Departmental Council and the participation of the cities of Honfleur, Beuzeville, Equemauville, as well as that of Calais which kindly lends us the photos of Thomas Pesquet: seas and rivers, coasts and rivers seen from space, without forgetting the Conservatoire du littoral which also lends us photographic panels representing the aerial views of the Normandy coasts.

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Saint Léonard district

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