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Thursday July 15 | VILLERVILLE

Musical reading for young audiences: "The little girl from the sea"


17:00 - 17:45



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Within the framework of the 20th summer meeting Théatre et Lectures en Normandie.

A young boy falls in love with a little girl. He comes from the earth and she from the sea. What is the earth? What is the sea? It is up to everyone to explain their world to the other. But how will they manage to come together?
Best seller in Portugal, this tale has become a classic. It is the sublimated story of the confrontation of two worlds, of two languages ​​and of their apprehension by different beings, belonging to a world or, at least, not yet explored, a sort of elsewhere for the other.

From 7 years old.

Reading: Frédérique Bruyas
Cello: Adrien Frasse-Sombet
Company: Snail ma non troppo

school Rue des Poilus