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Saturday June 4 | VILLERS-SUR-MER
Casino cinema room

Reading: I apologize




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Through this story, the author describes the artistic milieu he has known so well: painters, critics, dealers, jury ...
The adaptation of the novel in reading mixes two voices to make this question heard and brought to life: do art and its absolute have a place in our world? A key novel, The Work barely hides Renoir, Manet, Zola himself and Paul Cézanne well
understood. The publication of the novel will end their childhood friendship. We tend to summarize Zola's novels as miserable or even tearful. The author describes the Industrial Revolution with its uncertainties, its changes, its deaths and its victors. The stubborn of a dying world do not resist. Those who are obsessed with life find their chance there.
This adaptation puts the characters of the novel, and especially the hero, Claude Lantier, in confrontation with himself.

Casino cinema room Place of Lieutenant Fernand Fanneau