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Saturday August 22 | VILLERS-SUR-MER

The swamp at night


Base rate: € 8,50

Child rate: € 6,50 children from 5 to 14, PMR, job seekers and post-baccalaureate students under 26



What could be more mysterious than a swamp at night? Strange noises, lapping water, movements in the thickets ... Rediscover the marsh of Villers-Blonville during a sensory nocturnal outing, in search of discreet and mysterious fauna: owls, herons, bald -mice, amphibians ...

20:30 p.m .: Slide show on nature at night

Around 21:15 p.m .: Immersion in the marsh planned to contemplate the twilight then departure for an excursion with the flashlight listening to nature ...

(1km / 2h) - Level 1


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