Sun 27 October - From 09:00 at 18:00 - Place du marché - BLONVILLE-SUR-MER

9th edition of Jardins et Terroir en fête!

The Pôle Animations et Sports InDeauville and the municipality of Blonville-sur-Mer are glad to invite you to the “Jardins et Terroir en fête” event. This event is held on the market square and in the city centre (rue Marcel Lechanteur).

It is addressed to gardening lovers. Both children and adults are welcomed in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
October is the perfect month for planting and cutting. It's about one month before November 25. The greatest specialists never get tired of saying: “à la Sainte-Catherine, tout arbres prend racines” (on St Catherine's Day, all woods take root). Nursery owners, horticulturists, but also professionals of garden decoration are invited. These professionals have been selected for their high-quality products. They will be glad to provide you with precious explanations and suggestions about the items you are buying or the seedlings you’d like to plant before winter comes.
Local gourmet speciality producers and craftsmen join the fair on this occasion.
Let’s participate to this warm and friendly day full of interesting encounters!

The program includes: music, pony tours, advice workshops, tombola matches...