From Sat 20 October to Sun 4 November - From 10:30 at 13:00 and 14:30 at 19:00

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Différents lieux de Deauville - DEAUVILLE

Planche(s) Contact Festival

Created in 2010, Planche(s) contact presents the works of photographers invited in residence in Deauville to match their photographic universe with the city.

All these perspectives, as different and varied as the photographic techniques implemented, represent colour or black-and-white landscapes or portraits, photo-reportage, narration or fiction. Every year, they provide a renewed overview of what a city may be, expressing the diversity of its settings, of its emblematic or unknown areas, of its events and rhythms, of its inhabitants and visitors.
> The photographs by VINCENT DELERM. He has Carte Blanche in 2018, he also invited Pierre Cattoni & Franck Hédin to exhibit their works at the Planche(s) Contact.
> The exhibitions of four photographers at the In: ISABELLE CHAPUIS, LIZ HINGLEY, ISABEL MUÑOZ ET YUSUF SEVINÇLI.
> A monumental exhibition of the beach of Deauville: Roger Schall, Les étés de Deauville (1934 > 1950).
> The exhibition of the YOUNG TALENT SPRINGBOARD. This year, Alexandre Chamelat, Mireia Ferron, Samuel Lebon, Guillaume Noury, and Hugo Vouhé are committed to discover and take photos of the city. The winner will be awarded with the Planche(s) Contact Prize.
> About twenty Off exhibitions organized in public or secret places of the city, hosting photos made by Deauville inhabitants throughout the year.
> The program also includes a photographic contest open to everybody – THE 25th HOUR.