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From Wednesday September 30 to Tuesday October 6 | VILLERS-SUR-MER
26 Street of General de Gaulle

Exhibition: Painting


10: 00 - 12: 00 / 14: 00 - 18: 00

Third season at Villare for Jean-Claude Callaud.

In 1968 he entered the studio of his master who would teach him the power of the image, the language of shapes and colors.

After exhibitions in various salons, he will be called upon to carry out public and private commissions. From the Odeon Theater to the Mohammed V Theater in Rabad, from the Carnavalet Museum to the Windsor Residence, from the Ryad Palace to the Carlton d'Amiens. He will execute the requests, bringing his personality by judiciously exceeding the imposed limits.

His pictorial work, then, it will lead it parallel to an effort of popular cultural education. It is in this spirit that Jean-Claude Callaud works to try to approach an intelligible pictorial writing.

He offers the public a set of paintings using as a pretext, nature, life, events, large objects of painting.

“It seems to me that I have traveled by image all my life.
To express oneself is not enough, it was necessary to equip oneself with a background, the painter without training is blind. If explaining art may seem foolish, presenting observations noticed following the study of reference works, augmented by words from writers, helps to progress in the practice of the profession at a time when one of the characteristics of our time is confusion, resulting in loss of meaning.

Exhibiting means taking a break, taking stock of the situation and taking a step back to measure the distance between your knowledge and its applications. It takes a great love, able to inspire and support this effort, this love at the origin of all creation.

My paintings are an attempt to fix moments offered by life. A moment like any other to forget it ”

Closed Monday.

26 Street of General de Gaulle

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