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From Thursday September 23 to Tuesday September 28 | VILLERS-SUR-MER
The Villare

Painting exhibition: Jean-Pierre Botrel


10: 00 - 12: 00 / 14: 00 - 18: 00



Le Villare offers an exhibition by the painter Jean-Pierre Botrel, between oils and watercolors inspired by the sea and the landscapes. His painting follows his travels, in particular sea trips, but the cold of Norway, the tumult of the Channel, the wind on the coasts are all themes that fascinate him.

“Born in Lisieux in 1945, I studied drawing at the Lycée Malherbe in Caen under the guidance of Pissaro's grandson who taught me that the simplification of the line was essential. Harmonious juxtaposed colors were enough to evoke a landscape. painting follows my travels in particular the trips at sea. Being "sailing" I have a vision of the sea seen from a boat, in particular for the Cauchoises cliffs to which I am very attached as well as to the Breton coasts of Morbihan. The cold of Norway, the tumult of the English Channel, the wind on the coasts are themes that fascinate me. The line gradually fades to give way to hard chalk. This technique that I recently discovered allows me to assemblages of colors that I did not know The representation becomes more homogeneous by playing with the direction of the line and the blurring The only problem is the dust… But if you have room I encourage you to try. The number of nuances is infinite and we can create as many as you want by superimposing them. You have to be methodical and organized. An ordinary Canson paper will make it possible to render silvery reflections on the sea and the clouds in a tormented sky. A special grainy pastel paper will intensify the contrasts. When I started painting, I copied Monet, Turner (well I tried) and other great masters and I came to understand that it was necessary above all to have fun and have the brushstroke. or chalk. Hesitation is the pain of painters. If it doesn't work we can always start over. "

The Villare Du General de Gaulle street 26