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From Friday July 3 to Thursday July 9 | VILLERS-SUR-MER
The Villare

Painting and sculpture exhibition: Nicole Cordillet, Claudine Codomier, Alain Caillavet and Jacky Pouillon




10: 00 - 12: 30 / 14: 00 - 19: 00

Four artists, four styles:

Nicole Cordillet - Painter
The raging sea, a mermaid, horses, cats ... In other words nature, as two artists like it. Nicole Cordillet expresses her passion on canvas. For more than twenty years, in watercolor, acrylic and oil, she has represented animals and the sea, which she discovered as a child, during family vacations. Nicole Cordillet paints beaches in Normandy, where the English Channel is unleashed in blues, dark greens, blacks. We notice huge waves, a rowdy boat, but also more serene walks on the beaches of Cabourg, without forgetting birds, seagulls ... Her other favorite subject is horses, often those she has collected.

Claudine Codomier - Painter
"Moon is my muse. The pretty black cat appears on my paintings and in the illustration of my books. She is the heroine of fairy tales for the greatest pleasure of young and old." The life of Claudine Codomier, a graduate of the Académie Charpentier de Paris, who leads to Fine Arts and the Arts and Decoration, has been lulled by creativity as much in color.
their that styles. An adventure which, through paintings, creations, exhibitions and meetings with other artists allowed him to share this passion.

Alain Caillavet - Sculptor
Alain Caillavet, sculptor, claims his origins. Grandson and son of craftsmen proud of their work, he regularly attended the father's workshop and learned the different techniques of woodworking. At 12, he discovered the transformation of a simple piece of wood into sculpture, thanks to a Breton sculptor, Lucien Prigent. The latter worked occasionally in the paternal cabinetmaking. Later, he worked in Parisian workshops of raw design and then figurative in Nièvre. In the 2000s, during a stay in Canada, he discovered mechanical shaping. And finally, to create bears, cats and horses, he models and then sculpts marble powder, tinged with black or white. This gives more mystery to the looks of felines and momentum to equines.

Jacky Pouillon - Painter
Born in 1946, It was in the 70s that I really started to paint with gouache. Since I retired, I devote myself even more to this passion. I like to paint and share scenes from everyday life through our countryside, the characters, and the sea. The oils on canvas by Jacky Pouillon reveal the expressive value of drawing,
miere, colors and serenity of the compositions which highlights the subjects. His works invite the viewer to become the invisible witness of the daily life of the inhabitants of Paris in the series "Vie citadine" or of characters located in more distant places, "Entre Terre et Mer".

The Villare Du General de Gaulle street 26

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