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From Wednesday October 14 to Tuesday October 20 | VILLERS-SUR-MER
The Villare

Painting and photography exhibition: Claudine Arras, Catherine Leconte and Alexandre Leconte




10: 00 - 12: 00 / 14: 00 - 18: 00

Claudine Arras exhibits an abstract work focused on the free interpretation of photographs taken from here or elsewhere but more particularly in Normandy where the maritime landscapes inspire her. The artist will be accompanied by two photographers: Catherine Leconte and Alexandre Leconte.

About Catherine Leconte, photographer:

“Light is the essence of photography, Normandy and its beaches are a real treat for me. Each year I return to Regnéville -sur- Mer in the Manche and to Villers -sur-Mer in the Calvados and each time I marvel. "

About Alexandre Leconte, photographer:

“Taking a photograph in an urban environment, I walk the streets of major cities in France or elsewhere in search of spontaneous and authentic moments. The human is at the heart of these photos: the way in which he evolves in the city, the way in which he tames this or that space, the interactions that occur are as many moments that I seek to capture. "

About Claudine Arras, painter:
“My painting is based on color and material from photos taken as part of this exhibition by the sea. The seascapes are expressed by horizontals represented here by the sea and the sand. Sienna, umber and ultramarine blue are mainly the colors used and thus sculpt the drawing. "

The Villare Du General de Gaulle street 26

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