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From Thursday August 12 to Sunday August 15 | TOUQUES
Church of St. Peter

Exhibition: "Color linen, color nature" (13th edition)

The nobility of flax fiber has spanned the millennia. First world region of production of long fiber flax with more than 50% of the total harvests, Normandy cultivates the most sought-after flaxes in the world. With multiple properties (hypoallergenic, antibacterial, thermoregulatory, resistant and easy to maintain), this fabric with the elegance of timeless minimalism, invites itself into our changing rooms and our current interiors.

The show "Couleur lin, couleur nature", which is part of the promotion of linen as a medium for expression and creation, initiated by Création Culture in Pays d'Auge with the support of the City of Touques, reveals for its 13th edition in the privileged setting of the Saint-Pierre church, the varied universes of creators inspired by this natural and authentic material.
French and mostly local craftsmanship of fine quality, original collections available in a wide range of colors and a range of selected quality linens (washed, embroidered, painted, etc.): clothing, bags, jewelry, textile and decorative items for the house, painting on linen ...

Linen, a material that never ceases to amaze us.
An annual meeting with creators not to be missed.

Vernissage Saturday August 14 - 18 p.m. and fashion show (subject to change)

Church of St. Peter Saint-Pierre square