From Sun 12 April to Mon 13 April - Pôle International du Cheval Longines Deauville - 14 avenue Ox and Bucks - SAINT-ARNOULT

Club Ponam Jumping Contest

Ponies are back on track!
Clubs are back to the Longines Deauville International Equestrian Complex for a new day of jumping competitions where they compete by category: horses or ponies.
This jumping contest open to amateurs and equestrian centres allows regional riders to be assessed in excellent conditions and a relaxed atmosphere. Many clubs of the region participate with about 220 competitors in total.

8 am: Club 4
- Followed by: Club 3

9:15 am: Club 2
- Followed by: Prépa 90

11:45 am: Club 1
- Followed by: Club Elite
- Followed by: Prépa 110

1:45 pm: Poney A1
- Followed by: Poney A Elite

2:30 pm: Poney 4
- Followed by: Poney 3
- Followed by: Poney 2

4:30 pm: Poney 1
- Followed by: Poney E2

5:45 pm: Poney Elite
- Followed by: Poney E Elite
- Followed by: As Poney 2D