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Saturday February 26 | VILLERS-SUR-MER
panoramic room

Concert: Super Ego




Base rate: € 10,00

Ego the city dweller, heckled by the adult world and a sometimes sad reality, invents an alter ego; at the time we go to
sleep, he dreams of himself with cape, briefs and mask in Super Ego, anti-hero of a new kind! Super Ego to the rescue!
This concert for young audiences in duo will unveil an urban setting that is at once realistic, fanciful and idealistic, allowing the cetacean me (ga) lomaniac to speak to children of today's world in a playful and poetic way.
With its pop register, this show is a real machine to make young and old alike sing and dance!
David Delabrosse; vocals, ukulele, guitar
Thibault Doray: Percussions, samples

For students over the age of 5

panoramic room Place of Lieutenant Fernand Fanneau