From Saturday 11 July to Sunday 19 July | TOUQUES

44th Antiques Dealers Fair




Mobile phone: 06 83 38 50 57

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From 10:00 at 19:00

The municipality of Touques hosts the 44th Antiques Dealer Fair.

About twenty professionals of the region, mainly coming from Trouville-sur-Mer and Pont-L’Evêque, gather in the Saint-Pierre church to exhibit a large range of objects that suit all tastes.

Each stand is devoted to a specific kind of items: silverware, ceiling lights, carpets, jewels, decoration knick-knacks, furniture and ceramics from the 18th and 19th centuries or "haute époque" objects dating to the 15th century.

This fair proposes a wide range of furniture and objects for any budgets…

Place Saint-Pierre