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In Villerville, this tradition has been perpetuated since 1896. The City drapes its streets with fishing nets and celebrates the blessing of the sea in memory of missing sailors and fishermen.

The festivities begin in the morning with a religious ceremony in the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, in the presence of the standard-bearers of sailors and veterans. Joined by the Villervillais children and under the gaze of passers-by, the traditional parade in music follows through the streets of the village. Against the backdrop of a bagpipe and in single file, the little boys are proud to carry with their arms the twenty or so models of boats, loaned by the Society of Sailors from Honfleur, and set sail for the sea. embankment, officials invite residents and visitors to observe a minute of silence before offering the sea a wreath of flowers. Offshore, the boats accompany the sound of their horns with the blessing of the sea. Concerts and entertainment then take over to extend this day which honors the people of the sea.

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