Villerville - Le Garage - August 1 > 4, 2019

The Festival, dedicated to urban arts, offers many activities that are an opportunity for fifteen artists to exhibit their works and share their passion.

After a first edition about contemporary art in 2016, the Festival Ville’Art’Ville has focused again on urban or street art, an artistic movement using the public spaces as artist canvas. The Art Festival enables the public to create an intimate connection with the artists and the artists to immerse themselves in the public sphere. The 1,000 m2 municipal hall of the “garage”, with walls made of concrete blocks and an industrial roof, is perfectly suitable for the event.

Plastic artists, graffiti artists, DJs, tattoo artists...a comprehensive and multifaceted program including artistic exhibitions and meetings invites the public to participate to concerts, initiations, workshops, live performances and lectures for 5 days.

© Sylvaine de Keyser

THE PROGRAM - Available soon!