Villers-sur-mer - Amphitéâtre Perdrisot - July 12 > August 23, 2019


13 free concerts are held in front of the sea every Tuesday and Friday.

The Sable Show Festival is a local music festival that celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018. It is renowned for his longevity, but also for a demanding and popular program. Today more than ever, the festival finds out and proposes remarkable artistic projects, giving priority to creative minds. From the French chanson to rock and jazz, the festival is open to any kind of music, mixing novelties and tradition.

As an enthusiastic public makes the success of the Festival, every year the Festival invites people to vote for two groups they would like to see again in the following edition! Every evening, after the concert, a box and ballot papers will be available next to the stage. The results will be announced during the closing concert performed by one of the groups chosen on the previous year.

On the stage this year: The Sugar Family, Illona, Balbazar, With U2 Night, Cut The Alligator, Scratchophone Orchestra, Tankus The Henge, Tekpaf, Balluche Sound System, Gemma & The Travellers, Tombés du camion, Solar Project, La Camelote and Jesse Cool.

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