Villers-sur-mer - Salle panoramique du casino - August 16 > 22, 2019

Flagship event of Villers-sur-mer, the Festival of New Talents offers an original and regularly renewed program focused on classic music. It’s a nice opportunity to enjoy great music through extraordinary performers!

The theme of this year: Piano concerts on a worldwide tour!

Through 7 concerts delivered by renowned musicians, the Festival makes “great music” accessible to everybody. The Festival welcomes “young talents”, most of them already popular, and more and more frequently musicians that have been appointed at the “Victoires de la musique”. The “guests” are artists that have been invited to come back by the public. Independently from their notoriety, they present their program to the public they meet after the concert. At the end of the Festival, the subscribing visitors vote for their favourite artist and invite him or her to come back on the following year. Sometimes the programs are quite unusual as far as the register used or the type of bands are concerned. Ranging from solo to quartet, classic music mix to jazz or even tango.

The Festival also hopes to instil a passion for music in children through specific initiatives like music or singing workshops organized every morning. The week ends with a show organized for parents.