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Guest at the Books & Music Festival 2016

Novelist and essayist, member of the French Academy, Dominique Fernandez is the author of more than sixty works including In the hand of the angel (Goncourt prize), Porporino or the mysteries of Naples (Medici prize) and Ramon.
He has published several books following numerous journeys: The Pearl and the Crescent, Italian Love Dictionary, Saint Petersburg, Palermo and Sicily, Prague, Syria, The Russian Soul, etc.
In October 2015, Philippe Rey editions published Le piedon de Rome, portrait-souvenir.


He will be present:

Sat April 16/18 p.m. - Villa Le Cercle - Viva Italia Program
The Italian Opera seen by Dominique Fernandez from L'Académie Française
French academician, Dominique Fernandez makes no secret of his passion for Italy. The writer, Prix Médicis and Prix Goncourt, makes the public discover the very special relationship that Italians have with opera as well as its role in the life and society of the peninsula.