The "Fauteuils en Seine" tourist circuit invites you to discover the territory of the Communauté de Communes Cœur Côte Fleurie under a new perspective, through urban chairs revisited by artists and placed along the boardwalk and in other seaside areas.

This creative and volunteering project invites strollers to relax in front of an extraordinary view on the Estuary and the Seine and discover the message transmitted by the artists through their works.

In total, 52 chairs are placed in the 12 municipalities of the Communauté de Communes Coeur Côte Fleurie: Bénerville-sur-mer, Blonville-sur-mer, Deauville, Saint-Arnoult, Saint-Gatien-des-Bois, Saint-Pierre-Azif, Touques, Tourgéville, Trouville-sur-mer, Vauville, Villers-sur-mer, Villerville.

The 24 amateur and professional artists participating to this project come from the Côte Fleurie, the Pays d’Auge and Normandy. Stencil, sculpture, wood carving, photography, painting: they are free to use raw materials and transform them into masterpieces.

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Where can I find these chairs?

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The exhibition theme is water in the broad sense: its different forms (sea, sources, rivers, rain, drinkable water), but also the relationship existing between the men and the water (boats, washing places, jobs around water). The artists can interpret the subject in their own way.

The chairs are clean-cut to allow the artists to directly work on raw materials. The artists may dismantle the chair and treat the steel to make it resist to the weather. It may be sawed or modified. The wooden boards may be replaced. The artists are completely free to make what they want provided that they preserve the function of the chair and make it withstand the climate conditions.