Armchairs by Monique Anis Glina, Fanny Canto-Pichard, Martine Colliot and Micheline Trelis

Avenue Michel d'Ornano
Along the Touques


"The subject of the" Boucle de la Touques "was immediately obvious, because far from being" a dead arm ", this river collects all the natural and recovery water from the surroundings, recycles it in the ecosystem and restores nature as a source of life. We imagined these armchairs on the bank in front of the playground, and Fanny proposed to represent the flora and fauna of the river like a children's book. "
Chair 1: Fanny made a frog who takes a shower under a tap, Monique highlighted a curious nutria, attraction of walkers, as well as a coot and water lilies on the back of the chair.
Armchair 2: Martine chooses a duck that protects herself under an umbrella, Micheline represented a carp, undisputed queen of this river, gushing out of the reeds, as well as a heron, on the back of the armchair, with her pink boots so as not to get wet The paws.
During these painting sessions under the sign of humor and good humor, Micheline began to compose a few rhymes in tribute to this beautiful nature still preserved, and he produced a poem which accompanies this collective work.

Amateur painters and artists at heart, we are among the hardworking students of Françoise Plékan in Saint-Arnoult, and we responded to participate in this project. It is therefore a collective work that we accomplished together with great pleasure on the two armchairs at our disposal.

women's-collective-armchair-2-Dupif © Dupif

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