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Man-X armchairs

Yves Saint-Laurent Promenade


"My technique of multilayer stencil is to select several colors presented in a drawing, then to create a stencil according to each of them. Superimposed and curved, they will form a work. Then, I have fun superimposing my various creations which will tell a story .... I wanted to stage on my armchair several eras, pay tribute to certain artists who represented the beautiful Normandy beaches, while keeping my "stencil" style with my touch of humor. 1930th century bourgeoises made me think of Eugène Boudin, bathers of the XNUMXs in photographs by Robert Doisneau, and the creator Jean-Paul Gauthier and his marine icons. "

Born in Rouen, Man-X Man-X lived in Fécamp where in 2002 he created the association "Heteroclite Art" specializing in graffiti in order to promote street art. He began the profession of graphic designer at the age of 18, then turned to his current profession, stone cutting. After fifteen years of mostly urban creation, Man-x decided in 2009 to cut out his first stencil. Her favorite themes are: her children - her personal environment. He then revisits music groups, diverted posters, etc. The choice of medium remains for this very broad artist. By dint of practice, the cuts become more and more meticulous, the finesse of the detail of his stencils shows the patience of this young artist.

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