Armchairs by Lana Loeber

Sur la digue
Face à l’amphithéâtre Perdrisot


"My path took me from Germany to the Normandy coast. From East to West, water attracts me. This environment populated by fish, source and resources of the man frees me. Its lightness supports me, I let myself float on top of the waves. They break, I find myself on the concrete of the city. There, like a fish in the net, I continue my walk. My fish is printed in the concrete of the chair. Concrete is an enduring material, typical of our society. In a thousand years a new geological layer will have been formed, that of concrete."

Holder of a doctoral thesis in geology, this Le Havre native of German origin, has been manipulating concrete by creating objects and artistic "paintings" for about ten years. Using an original technique, she shapes objects made of cement poured on a lattice and cased in a wooden frame. The addition of colored pigments, metallic pieces, fragments of mirrors, fragments of ceramics, finalize the rendering, leaving a large part to the unpredictability of the mixtures while preserving a figurative rendering. The reference to the "Perret" architecture is obvious for this guide-lecturer, approved by the Ministry of Culture since 2003, at the origin of workshops for children proposing to experiment with concrete. Currently represented also at the "Galerie Gloux" in Concarneau, the artist has already worked in the city of Le Havre in 2003. You will notice a bas-relief in tinted concrete on the façade of the "Maison Odyssée", the work chosen after a competition and financed by the "Pièces jaunes". The artist is committed to the dissemination of Art by creating with her association "Regart" the open door of artists' studios in the Le Havre region, "Open Art", which takes place every two years. Another successful project is the organization of artistic exchanges with the "H2O gallery" in Magdeburg, Germany.

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